YELLOW MAIZE is one of the primary sources of energy in human and animal nutrition; it has balanced levels of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fibers.

Non-GMO, organic-specific Certifications, and lots can be supplied. (SEE SPECIFICATIONS)

SOYBEAN is widely used in human and animal food. There is no other protein of plant origin with a better cost-benefit for producing meats, eggs, milk, and derivatives. Non-GMO, organic-specific Certifications, and lots can be supplied. (SEE SPECIFICATIONS)

COFFEE, due to the diversity of the Brazilian regions occupied by the culture, the variety of climates, reliefs, altitudes, and latitudes, produces different types of beans to meet the different tastes of consumers. (SEE SPECIFICATIONS)

ANIMAL PROTEIN produced in Brazil is of great relevance in the world food scene. The level of sanity, quality, and traceability of production meet the highest demands of the markets. Halal, Kosher, or Country specific certifications can be met. (SEE SPECIFICATIONS)

COTTON is one of the most used natural materials in the textile industry. Brazil is the second-largest world exporter and produces all types and grades. (SEE SPECIFICATIONS)